AC vs DC motorisation. What’s the difference?

It’s 2020. The motorisation of blinds is now becoming more popular than ever and with a huge amount of different products available it can obviously be a bit over whelming too. From the brand of motor to the options list available with each brand, such as: light sensors, hub connectivity, programming styles etc.  Today we are here to talk about AC vs DC motors. What the differences are and hopefully give you a little more knowledge to help you decide on what best suits you.  AC Motors: These are the bees knees. Ultimately if you’re contemplating doing a whole house or an area with a lot of windows these are ideal as there is power running to them at all times and will never go flat like battery motors.  Even though they are slightly cheaper to purchase, you must factor in the the additional cost for an electrician to run the cables. Our advice if you’re building a new home and know you’re going to want motorised blinds, get in touch with your blinds company to find out what they need f

Reducing the chance of errors

We’ve all been there.  Sales rep comes in, all sleek, yet hurriedly.  Shows us the product. Pushes for the close. You feel pressured. You sign on, regardless.  Sales rep packs their stuff and are out the door before the ink dries. On to the next one.  You keep telling yourself, It’s all good. You really wanted the product anyway.  Then after a massive wait for the product, it’s install day. Only to find out halfway through the install that something was mis-measured and cannot be saved, only remade.  Sales rep made a silly error due to the rush or not knowing what to look for in the initial consultation.   Must wait another 6-12 weeks.  Is there anything more frustrating?  Make no mistake, we are all only humans and it is inevitable that we will make mistakes from time to time. It’s engrained in our system. Nobody, nor no company is perfect.  The trick is to reduce the chance of error . We do this at Vision by eliminating seperate sales reps and fitters, instead employing fitters that

What are you really paying for?

So you’ve been getting a few quotes from different window furnishing companies and all seem to be offering you the same sort of stuff but the quotes tend to vary significantly?  In the current market, you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed for the amount of products that are offered to you as window furnishings.  You will be exposed to products that the untrained eye cannot see a difference between. That all seem to operate and work the same way. But as a buyer beware, just like any industry, it can be filled with cheap replica versions, which haven’t been through the extensive testing required to fulfil our high Australian standards and offer the perks the actual product is known for. This includes:  fabrics,  controls,  components Joins Security, etc Everything is specifically designed and has its purpose.  As a consumer, you should ask as many questions as possible to really understand what you’re getting. A confident company, such as Vision Blinds & Shutt

ThermoShade engineered stiles

The Stile is the vertical part of the shutter frame. Stiles are routed to accommodate the louvres, and routed at the top to accommodate the mortise and tenon joinery. The stile is the backbone of the shutter. It provides stability to the shutter panel. While unseen, the technology inside of a ThermoShade stile is what makes it the best in the industry. One of the main issues with building stiles from a single piece of wood is that all of the wood grain is running in the same direction. Wood is always weakest along the grain. When wood expands or contracts due to weather it starts to warp or split along the grain. Since wood is a natural material there are often other unseen variables that can cause a piece of wood to warp or split without any indication as to why this has happened. In order to prevent this from happening, ThermoShade uses engineered stiles. An engineered stile is made by placing thin strips of wood on top of each other with the wood grain running in opposite direct

What really is a warranty? How can Vision Blinds & Shutters help?

What’s in a warranty?  As consumers, when we spend a large chunk of our hard earned cash on anything, we like to believe that we have purchased high quality products that will last the test of time. The warranty period that comes with a product can often help us have that peace of mind when it comes to this.  For example, A product with “lifetime warranty” is obviously better than one that comes with 10-15 year’s warranty....... or is it? Oftentimes we are lead to believe and succumb to the false sense of security that a lifetime warranty is the bees-knees of warranties out there.  When purchasing any product, it’s important to read any fine print surrounding the offer presented to you.  More often than not, lifetime warranties have a fine print section so long that it’s not even worth the paper it’s written on. Getting the supplier/distributor out of any claim you may try to make against their product.  A few things to ask yourself, when it comes t

Vision Blinds and Shutters - Introduction

We’re all familiar to the traditional curtains, but what are the benefits of having blinds or shutters over curtains? Well here are a few pros and cons of having curtains and I think you’ll see for yourself why you should choose blinds and shutters over curtains. Easily fade : Curtains, even the heavy-duty ones, are highly prone to fading and tear. This is an unfortunate fact that you need to face, as they’re made of fabric. Funky stenches: Curtains obtain and retain scents from the surrounds, whether it be from pets, cooking or just general scents around the home, this means they need to be cleaned frequently which can become a handful. Although curtains can often be more cost effective, they’re also appropriate for certain rooms to add an extra feature or glam up a room, but they’re not always the best option. Shutters are cost effective, the cost you will shoulder from installing shutters is a small price to pay for their high lifetime value due to their durabili